Sunday, April 03, 2005


Facts about The pope:

He used to be a footballer.
He may or may not have been hit on the head with a silver mallet at death yesterday.
And ... it's just two letters away from Popeye!

Aww, dunno how I feel about the death of the pope. He was some world leader. But sadly he was a bit anti gay and didn't seem to appreciate the importance of protecting against AIDS by promoting condoms. Oh no. There should be no sex out of wedlock, no samesex sex. End of the matter.

I wonder if a new pope wil be more liberal in such matters? It'll be interesting.

Having been born in 1970, I don't remember any other pope. I do have a vague memory of when JP2 was appointed in 1978 ... and when he came to the UK around 1981 ... but to me he's the pope, can't imagine anyone else being pope.

The other big thing for me is that, as I lost my sight in 1984, I know what JP2 looks like! But I won't know what a new pope looks like. No doubt as with George Bush, Tony Blair and any new person I meet, I'll make up an image for them completely subconsciously ... but JP2's passing means there's one more important world figure who I don't have a visual image of in my mind.

I wonder if my mental image of Tony Blair and George Bush are in any way accurate? It's funny, I have such a strong image of what I think they, and other famous people, look like ... that I sometimes find myself describing them "you know, the guy with the dark brown hair, slightly pointy nose, reddish cheeks, quite tall ..." even if I've actually not got a clue what they really look like.

Someone once told me Tony Blair looks a bit like a lizard. Sadly I think I may have incorporated a long flicky forked tongue into my current image of the man.


The Goldfish said...

You're spot on about Blair and the flicky forked tongue although one has to watch the guy very closely - naturally it only comes out when an insect flies past. Get well soon. :-)

Agent Fang said...

I've always though Blair was more like a weary but grinning civil service rabbit. The trouble with lizards are that I'd have them down as a bit more serious - but does Blair have that reptilian edge? Nope. he's a fidgiter who smiles more than is strictly healthly for a politician. I know bunnies don't smile either, but cartoon ones do, and if you have an image of Bugs Bunny anywhere... soz, I've probably just ruined him for you.

Damon said...

Tony Blair looks like Bugs Bunny?!?

Yes, I remember what Bugs looks like. But again, they're going to update Bugs bunny for the 21st century, did you hear? In other words, Damon perspective here, they're going to turn him into something I won't be able to visualise!

Buzz Bunny - that's what Warner Bros are planning. A more streetwise, darker, less grinning, super detective / spy type thing ... if I recall correctly. Sheesh.

Agent Fang said...

Yuk. That sounds plain wrong. But don't take it as loosing an image of Bugs as much as gaining an opportunity to bitch with all the other people who remember the first incarnation about how much better it was. The new one'll probably look even more like Blair - in fact Buzz Bunny might just qualify as his new nickname in our household.

PS I have gout too, in my big toe. Much sympathy.

Damon said...

Yay someone else with gout! Does it not spread though? I get it in the whole of my left foot, toes heel, sides etc. And right foot. And, at its worst, in my left knee too!

Alice posted here and said tomatoes are a real bringer-on of gout ... but I can't live without tomatoes! I love them. I heard beer, marmite and oily fish are the worst culprits. No one said nuffink about no tomatoes.

Agent Fang said...

Hmmm. Luckily gout hasn't troubled me too much - just the occasional attack. Most attacks were when I was a student - probably exaccerbated by my lifestyle (i.e. plentiful alcohol, frequent liver and bacon casseroles - a speciality in those days). There's also a family history of it. Fangs tend to mostly have it in the toes. Dunno about tomatos causing it - offal meat, red meat and alcohol - always alcohol - are the main offenders for us. My poor old Great-Grandfather used to own a Tripe shop - he suffered particularly badly...!

Damon said...

I remember thinking that tripe was fish when I was a kid. I was wrong.