Saturday, April 01, 2006

Podcast out there!

Well we've been working so hard on our disability podcast at work that I'm knackered out of my head.

We really need publicity for it so, bloggers out there reading this, could you link to it from your weblog? Pretty please? And then get your mates to link to it from their weblogs or websites too, please? We need to convince people that it's worth continuing with ... and it's a great bit of razor sharp disability humour that we can point at and say "look, it can work, you don't need to be scared. Disdability is cool!". I think programme makers would like to do more on disability, would like to be innovative, but need examples of things working.

Tell your mates about it. Tell people who aren't your mates about it. Tell journalists you know.

It's called 'The Ouch Podcast'. It's presented by actor Mat Fraser and comedian Liz Carr. They're fantastic.

If you've got iTunes, cut and paste the following line into the bit that says 'add a podcast':

...this'll make sure it's forever on your list of podcasts and you get the latest one delivered to your iPod as soon as it goes live on the web.

But, of course, you don't need an iPod. You can listen to it on your computer like other audio stuff, radio stations etc. Or you could download it, burn it to a CD if ya like, or put it on any MP3 player not necessarily those iPod thingies. That word 'podcast' confuses a lot of people and I guess it's not surprising ;)

If you're gonna link to it on your page and want to help it raise to the top of Google and other search engines, then can you help us by following these instructions:

Use the following words as the linked words: 'BBC Ouch Disability Podcast'

So, highlight all those words and make them one big link to our podcast page

If you want to know why I'm asking you to do this specifically, drop me an email and I'd be happy to tell you about the cunning trickery that is 'Search Engine Optimization'. Mail me too if you have other ideas on how we can promote it. Newsletters, whatever. We want this to be a 'word of mouth' success, something the disability community can own and be part of. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, all this will help.

Add it to your favourite sites on your blog if you like ... and/or write a blog entry linking to us and talking a weeny bit about us. We'll love you forever!

Does this sound like begging? Anything you can do is fabulous.


Penny L. Richards said...

We raved about and linked to the Ouch! podcast on Thursday at the blog Disability Studies, Temple U.--keep up the "very very brave and special" work.

Darediva said...

Linked it up to all the lists I'm on. Glad you got the first one going. Keep it up!

Katie said...

I've raved about it on my blog Damon!

Have a read!

You might be interested and slightly embarrassed in a nice way of the post written on my blog too!!!!!!!!

Will rave about it on the MSN group I'm an assistant manager of!!!!

Tell Mat that his emails are great to me!

Katie said...

Have put a link to the podcast on the MSN group I'm on!

Just done it now!!!

Lady Bracknell said...


Gimpy Mumpy said...

Very, very tired but promise to include a post with link tomorrow. :)
A quick question though, would it be alright it I used the Ouch Podcast icon/image in my post?

Damon said...

Thanks to all for helping here.

Yes Gimply, you can use the graphic but if you could also link using the text I suggested 'bbc ouch disability podcast' that'd be v useful. Text is how google finds web pages, not thru pics. But feel free to use the graphic when promoting us! Cheers.

Oh and thanks for your enthusiasm, Katie :)

Katie said...

I'm glad that you find my euthusiasm enchanting Damon!

That's all part of working using enthusiasm. You have to be when working on things like the podcast, and you probably have to be in your job don't you being enthusiastic when you feel tired or fed up!!!

BloggingMone said...

Podcast is great, I really enjoyed it. Will put a link on my blog once I can remember how to do that.
But: I can proudly report four new subscribers!

Charlesdawson said...

Podcast link posted, present and correct, Sir!!

BloggingMone said...

Had a sudden flash of genius and managed to install a permanet link to the ouch podcast on my blog.

Damon said...

Thank you everyone!

Workman said...

I've heard all three installments, and they're brilliant.

I've linked to it on my site: