Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In, done, dusted.

Well, my Chapter One was handed in last Friday and at yesterday's class we discussed it.

Was really pleased with the outcome. Everyone had really positive comments about it and - after sharing what the rest of the story was going to be about - it got a larf. Have to say wasn't quite expecting that reaction ;)

(Katie A2 read no further if you've not read the chapter yet cos you're not allowed to hear my thoughts)

Currently I dislike the main character. I think he's duuuullllll. One dimensional. I also dislike the job I've given him. Stuff is missing. Oddly I quite like the female character I've invented though ... in as much as there's more meat on her bones, more of a character and a personality.

But ... I told this to the class and they urged me not to change it. So, dunno what to do here. My instinct is to change the main character.

But chapter one is chapter one. It's a little condensed at the moment and I'm sure I'll take bits from it and play some of them in the rest of the novel. The condensed nature was an anxiety for a couple of the students on class, wasting some ideas that could be developed more. I keep saying "if I ever write this". I've been told by several parties now that I have to.

I've got my timeline. check.

I've got my interweaving plot idea. check.

Some of the incidents en route to the main ending are a bit not there. not check.

God, can't believe this weblog entry is in the least bit fathomable or interesting to anyone bar me. Don't humour me.

On other news ... signed up the presenters on Ouch's forthcoming podcast. It's gonna be a blast! Can't wait. Katie F, sorry it's not Mik.

Off to Amsterdam on Thursday! Wahey yip yo.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Chapter One, now in

I finished! Yay! It is now handed in, the whole group has got my work.

I have some issues with it. As Katie 2 on the last entry said, it'll be nothing like the final version. I had a time limit and by the time I had written 2,000 words I'd already substantially painted myself into a corner in terms of setting, motivation etc.

Course, not entirely sure I'll ever write this book. It was chapter one, yes, but more 'a chapter one' than 'the chapter one'.

With more time to think and research, I would probably have gone for something a little less like a fractured love story and possibly written something a little futuristic. Near future though, proper progressive today work, not very alien aliens.

Had a bit of a crap couple of days. Kind of want to lay in bed all weekend with duvet wrapped round me. Duvets protect you from everything don't ya know.

Oh ... I had about 1 minute to think up what the novel might be called ... in that time limit I called it 'She's watching him'.