Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Save the cheerleader, save the world ...

Is it just me who's obsessed with Heroes? It's fabulous. I just accidentally discovered something about Claire though whilst googling. Darn this internet ... with no warning at all you can find yourself amid spoilers for TV shows by dint of what country you're in. For Americans, the fact that Claire's parents are <##edited names out###> is just everyday common knowledge because it was broadcast months ago ... but not so in the UK. So, Heroes fans, be careful when 'surfing'. I also darn well found out what happens to Hiro at the end of the season too. Or at least I think I did. It makes no sense from this distance though so I'm not really sure about it.

Remember ... save the cheerleader, save the world ... OK?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

the week ahead

Interesting day ahead tomorrow. WE do this, like, podcast every month. WE've been doing it since March 2006. But one of the usual presenters, Mat Fraser, isn't able to make it. I don't think he was entirely happy when we said that we wouldn't be able to do it on the Sunday night in the middle of the bank holiday weekend to fit with his overloaded timetable ... but he has graciously stepped aside now and in his place this month is disabled comedian Laurence Clark - go and catch his show if you can, he's great. So, yeah, interesting. Some great guests on the show and some really good subjects lined up to chat about. Oh gosh all this disability angst and introspection!

What else. Oh yeah. Interesting article about disabled people and tattoos hopefully will be up and ready to go on the site this week. Some really interesting stuff planned too.

Oh and it's not public knowledge yet (I think) but I know who the new editor of Disability Now is going to be! And it's a person whom I owe an awful lot to. Gosh, how confusing that a 'rival' publication should have someone I know so well at the helm! But are we rivals really? Perhaps not. DN is able to be more of a campaigning newspaper which is interesting and worthwhile. The BBC can't easily get into campaigning in the same way, publically funded 'Auntie', nor have the same angry societal corrective stance. BBC OUch is mainly about personal features and community: exploring what's in our heads and hearts. But, when written down, even that looks a bit crap. We push a bit beyond that. And sometimes just wrap stuff in big fluffy cotton towels and smother it before it comes to life. What am I talking about.

Oh and we're stalling but working up a really REALLY big new site re-design for Ouch - which is likely to be a really big change and quite likely to make the Ouch team work in a relatively different way. Lets see. Can't say much more because my contract stops me from saying anything remotely specific.