Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Good stuff to read on the web?

I want some good internet websites to read. If you read an interesting site regularly and care to share ... please do!

I dunno though, I think I might be a bit dull. I want to know more about Japanese culture, Chinese politics, the impending world energy crisis, the environment, how big corporations are screwing us all, etc. Can anyone lift the lid on a good website or blog? Or many? Or anything you think I'd be interested in besides? Obviously it goes without saying that all bloggers who have previously posted here all have fantastic blogs ;)

C'mon, amaze me. I want websites that I'll keep going back to for more.

[update] Just read this entry back. Have I turned into a student or something?


aisha anoor said...

You can join, which is pretty cool--there's something for everyone.

I like the Huffington Post too-- -- I don't know if it's too America-centric, though.

Katie said...

Hi Damon!

You can join our fantasy island if you want to!

I think I sent you an invite to your email address given n this blog. We are always friendly and enjoy chatting and you will enjoy it immensely!

And my blog's still around too, that's always good and I'm improving it more and more!

You know the address!

Radio said...

I thought yeah, i know loads of good sites ... then i actually tried to name some! if i want good european news i read i believe there is a feature to translate some of it into english but i dont know how good it is. if i want more international news i go to which is a brazilian based news portal. this weeks stories included oil production in chad, the attempts of the chinese to win diplomatic influence over small states in the south pacific, and sign language becoming the third official language of new zealand. sounds good....but its sadly not in english either. conclusion? i dont think i do know any good sites. God, how sad is that? :-(

BloggingMone said...

This is a very interesting site onJapanese culture. There are lots of links covering almost every aspect of Japanese culture, tradition and lifestyle. If you are more interested in movies, literature, music and lifestyle of the younger Japanese generation this site will be useful. I am not sure how accessable these sites are, hope it works!

Charlesdawson said...
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Charlesdawson said...

[sigh] second time at getting the whole addy in!

gets you the excellent Science Forums where not only hard science but also sci-fi, weird science, environmantsl issues and the like are covered.

There's even a pub for off-topic chat.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Japundit ( can be an interesting and often amusing site to visit and if you are into hi tech gadgets then Akihabara News is another fun site to browse (