Monday, May 30, 2005

Audio described movies

Just wanted to share that I have seen two movies on DVD with audio description this last week. They were both rather good and I recommend them.

1: Garden State -- Andrew 'Large' Largeman is blamed by his father for the freak accident which left his mother a paraplegic. Leaving his hometown of New Jersey, Large isolates
himself from the world and drifts in Los Angeles. When he hears of his mother's death, however, he is forced to return to the 'Garden State' and reconsider
his own life. Oh and the girl he falls in love with has epilepsy and Andrew himself has manic depression, of sorts. Can't say too much here. A veritable disability flick tho innit.

2: Enduring Love -- Joe and Claire are enjoying a romantic picnic when they notice a hot air balloon in considerable distress. Together with a group of onlookers, Joe rushes
to its aid. A sudden gust of wind places the rescuers in danger however, and, as it is sent skywards, a man is left dangling from the balloon before plunging
to his death. While Joe is left physically unscathed, the damage to his psyche seems irreparable. Based on the novel by Ian McEwan. (what this review, nicked from Amazon, fails to tell is that it's largely about Joe being stalked by a bloke who loves him played by Rhys or Rees Iffans or Evans or whatever. Can I be arsed to look up the spelling? Do you think spellings somehow jump out at me from posters or newspapers and ozmose into my inner thoughts like sighties? Sheesh. I'm not doing the extra research just for a blog entry. If someone could post the correct spelling of this Welsh fella who was also in Notting Hill then, well, feel free if ya like).

Have just rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless thingy from Blockbuster not 15 minutes ago ... will watch it later. It has no audio description soundtrack so lets hope the natural dialogue is descriptive enough to carry me thru the narrrative from start to finish so as I don't make up my own little film in my head as often happens (though sometimes they are better, you should hear my version of Contact)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Crazy frog rools!

Am I the only person in Britain to be genuinely amused by the crazy frog thing?

When I say genuinely, I'm talking in an ironic way.

Tomorrow I'm going to get the ringtone and put it on my mobile. It will play out every time someone calls ... but with a sense of irony there.

However ... how many people will realise I'm being ironic? People in my office plus friends and family might get it (they know I have a brain and hate commercial shite) but will people on buses and trains understand? Or will they label me a loser as soon as they hear the tone?

Well I've worked out a plan to combat the latter. I'll get the tone tomorrow and if the phone rings in a place full of people I don't know, I'm going to do a little dance to highlight the irony.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I want to listen to my Daft Punk CD.

I can't find my Daft Punk CD.

The idea that I will have to search high and low for my Daft Punk CD distresses me.

I may buy a new Daft Punk CD so I don't have to look for the old Daft Punk CD.

This is how Damon finds things that he loses.

Is this how all blind people deal with losing CDs?

Background: I have about 500 CDs in the house, it could be any one of them, I don't wish to start stuffing every CD into the player to hear what it is before discarding and playing the next. Did that make sense?

Until everything have a smart chip in it, the world will be invisible.