Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The disappearing PA

My Personal Assistant didn't show up for work on Monday. She also didn't answer my calls. Not entirely out of character ... I had expected her to get back with a story about friends needing her help, her house burning down or she had been asked by MI6 to carry out a special mission in Brent Cross shopping centre, or something.

I learnt last night through a third party that my PA resigned. All happened very oddly and outside of the rule book ... but rather characterises her up-and-down approach to life. She'll now only text but won't talk to me

I can't help but like her but I have a real problem with trusting her because of many things she's said that have turned out to be total fiction. We're talking incredibly tall tales! Not sure whether I want another PA now, haven't much enjoyed the ride. I'll probably talk more about her fictions another time ... when some water has passed under the bridge. Inviting someone else into your life and your home is scary - no doubt about that.

I do wish her the best though and I really hope she can sort out some of the problems she obviously has. I don't think she'll find a nicer more tollerant boss than me though.


Kev said...

Mr Kev's PA is away for a month (doing behind the scenes work at the local panto...obviously), so we have a couple of people filling in for her. It turns out that one of them is way way more organised and reliable than the permanent one. Which is tricky. We all like the usual PA a lot, she and Mr Kev get on well. But she is just not the most reliable person, and that can be a factor.

I hope you do manage to get a decent PA, if you decide that's what you want. It's definitely worth the hassle, on the whole, I think. Just a matter of finding the right person to fit the bill (as if that were easy). Anyway, good luck!

Katie said...

Hi Damon, Sorry to hear abouyt your PA resigning. I suppose there must have been a good reason why, but don't worry about things.

You're find a good one to fill the position and if you don't you'll will have known to learn by the mistakes in getting a PA.

All the best Katie xxxxx

BloggingMone said...

Sounds familiar. At the place where I work, about half of the people are Deaf and entitled to have a work assisstance (would that be a WA?) to make phone calls, write letters, etc. There have been several around. Some always late, others telling stories about their work elsewhere, others not reliable, others again just pretending to understand Sign Language but in reality did not have a clue. My Deaf colleagues got fed up, put all their money together and hired a properly trained professional interpreter, following the code of ehtics. Everyone's happy now. Maybe it is a matter of training and professionalism?

jfsouthpaw said...

Sounds like you're well shot of that one. She doesn't want to talk to you? Even better! :)

Hope you have a good Christmas, Damon, and get a good PA if you decide to get another.