Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The S Factor

I've got no idea why people are so obsessed with zombies these days.
World War Z? Sean of the Dead? And, well, other stuff more recent than that. There's plenty of it but it goes over my head.
I simply don't get it.
When trends arise that I don't understand, I have to assume that it's because of something visual. Basically zombies must "look" so damn cool that people with eyes just can't resist watching them.
It's the S Factor (where S = sight, just to be clear)
I lost my sight in 1984 at 13 years old, so, with the kind of media I was absorbing as a young teenager, I could be missing a layer of skin when it comes to zombie knowledge I guess ... but I severely doubt that, blog readers.
I'm mostly thinking about Scooby Doo monsters. An excellent example of the zombie genre I'm sure.
I'm imagining big-shouldered men lurching forward by extending their legs out in a semi-goosestep. And I'm imagining they've got their arms outstretched in front of them with upper limbs in-between which you might get captured if they fall into you. Right? That's a zombie, yeah?
And maybe that guy Den Heggarty from 50s style 70s band Darts looks like a zombie. I think also ended up on post Tarrant Tiswas, went "bong" with his bass tones and sang some kind of monster mash as well as having his own comic strip in Tops magazine (a quasi Look-In mag that no one else remembers except me and John Tollervey).
Well, what can I say, zombies must've got so much better since. Sooo much better. Cos zombies ain't all that, to me.
Also in the S Factor category I have to put people like Stacey Solomon. "Heart o'gold" I'm sure but, heck, can she really read an autocue? Or is someone kind of gesturing words at her so she can carry on presenting. Amazing really.
I appreciate she's an ITV celeb, and therefore low rent, but all I can say is ... she must look gorgeous. How else could a presenting career have sprouted?
It's the S Factor again. She must be oozing sex and I'm oblivious to it. I'm guessing the Slater girls on EastEnders must also look stunning.

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Rose Damon said...

I'm not too excited about zombies either, but I get the impression that others love them because they explode in such a satisfying way. Gamers' option: first person shooter where your enemies just drop dead, or first person shooter where your enemies explode half decayed blood and guts everywhere? Same goes for all the movies. Everybody loves a good explosion, but perhaps most people have seen one too many oil tankers flip?