Friday, August 09, 2013

About this blog

Written by Damon Rose, this blog is here to help him gather thoughts and "do writing". It's just stuff, and stuff is just stuff ,after all.
You may have come across Damon in various ways over the years but you may not: He once was a performance poet, he was a DJ on a Kent radio station for a while, and - with his friend Sara Morgan - he was one of the presenters on the popular internet talk show BlindKiss, an archive of which can be found at the new address  (the old address has since been taken by someone else unfortunately).
More profitably he has worked for the BBC since 1997 variously as a TV and radio producer and since 2002 has been editor of the BBC's disability blog and podcast at Ouch.
Damon was born in 1970 on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. He has been blind since 1984. He had to leave mainstream school at that point (he was 13) and attended New College Worcester (formerly Worcester College for the Blind), a boarding school in the midlands which gave him a grounding in blind and disability culture which has been the focus of a lot of his creative work since. He also got A-levels there and went on to university - shouldn't forget that really.
Damon lives in East Anglia with his partner and children.
All thoughts on this blog are his own and not those of the BBC.

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