Thursday, May 17, 2007

Who needs sleep?

Hello. Thursday morning. Early. I'm going through a ridiculous period of insomnia at the moment. I keep waking at just after 3am. I actually rather enjoy having this time to myself in the middle of the night - I'm up, as you can see, surfing the web on my brokened-up computer. Trouble is that when I get home in the evenings I'm totally knackered, fall asleep on the couch and barely get to speak with Kristina.

"Damon. Do you fancy going out tonight-----"

"---Too tired. Sorry."

Insomnia - it's a relationship killer. I live completely the wrong end of the day. Hey, we're going back to the blind people have 30-hour internal body clocks discussion aren't we.

Claire, Nathan and little Ella are coming at the weekend. Am gonna break out the cocktails and try to tempt Nathan I think. Seriously into cocktails at the moment as have just been to Cotton's Rum Shack in Camden where they serve up generous 'tails wiv da jerk Caribbean food. Heartily recommended. GO THERE! Have an enormous amount of fun on me, won't ya?

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Katie said...

I love cocktails. We must share receipies some time. How the eef do you spell receipies?? I make a mean bloody mary.