Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sara Morgan 1972 - 2007

This is very hard to write. My friend, Sara Morgan, died on Thursday 5 April just before the Easter weekend. I found out yesterday.

It's very strange turning the radio and TV on and discovering that everything else is carrying on as normal because nothing is at all normal now. Sara was always there for me, a very important part of my life. All my love, warmth and sympathies go out to her family at this time and anyone else who knew and loved her. She was a powerhouse of wit and intelligence with great talent and passion.

You may have known her at Bridgend School, Chorley Wood or Worcester College (Now New College, Worcester). More recently you may have come across her professionally through Blazie though you may remember her as an irritant to the Braille Authority (BAUK) through her campaigning or as a regular on Radio 4's In Touch programme for visually impaired people.

there are more still who will know her as one of the voices on the BlindKiss talk show - my co-host. All the shows we ever did are still there to listen to. She was far more popular than me and received literally hundreds of emails during the lifetime of the show 2001-2004.

I first met Sara back in 1986. I was a pupil at Worcester College for the Blind and, in that year, the school merged with the girls school known as Chorley Wood School for girls with little or no sight (great name).

Sara was the girl who clip clopped round the school corridors in her heels and was known as the Welsh Dragon. She held forth with confidence and was very well known. She later became the head girl in 1989. It's at that time we became teenage sweethearts and were inseperable for the whole of that year before she went to Loughbrough University.

At school she proved her remarkable intelligence, was a life force and a bright spark. God knows why but she took Computer Studies, Maths and Further Maths (known by her as Furry Maths) at A-level. She had amazing logic and would probably have made a great diplomat too.

I remember feeling incredibly priveleged that she was my girlfriend and was completely in love with her.

Boarding school haunted her for the rest of her life. Not in a bad way, you understand, just that it was such an important experience in all our lives that she was still very much anchored in that community right up til the end. Almost every time we spoke we'd refer back to people or events at Worcester. Teenage memories. 80s memories. She was something of a superstar back then, a school celebrity and it's no wonder she held onto those memories so tightly. Even now in 2007 she loved nothing more than for a group of us ex-Worcester students to get together in London for a meal and drinks. In later years her passions were technology, music, food, travel, campaigning and she loved her little Niece Bronwyn.

Am trying to think of some specific events or happenings that would sum her up.

She had a great sense of humour. At school, she once replaced my tube of toothpaste with a tube of tomato puree for a larf. She didn't catch me out though because she'd been talking and laughing about doing it for weeks and was hanging around behind me to see what would happen. Too obvious Sara, not a natural practical joker, try harder ... I loved her for it though.

She had a great love for 80s music, like me. All the pop, all the rock. God knows why but one of her favourite bands was Rush - a canadian band who sang Spirit of radio. I remember her going to see them live and Marillion too. The albums that will most remind me of her are Misplaced Childhood (Marillion) and Wild (erasure). The song we share is probably 'Blue Silver' by Duran Duran, a dark and haunting 80s pop song - the last track on the Rio album. Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining by Fleetwood Mac will always remind me of her ... plus the out-and-out pop that we used to sing at the top of our voices when we got together to play old records.

There's so much to say but I can't sit here and write an opus to her ... I've barely gone beyond schooldays and there's so much more to tell ... though I might create this opus given a bit more time.

I can't believe I'm sitting here writing this.

I keep thinking about Warren, a mutual friend of ours. I introduced the two of them in my little flat in Neasden in 1998. I had just moved to London and was feeling dreadfully homesick and thinking I'd made the wrong move. The two of them came to stay on my living room floor to make me feel better and became firm friends. OK so I know I make crap bacon sandwiches! Wozza mate, I know I can't replace her but I'm always here. We'll work out a way of celebrating her life and keep her memory burning brightly.

I'm hurting. Very badly. I can only imagine what her family are feeling at the moment.

I don't want to talk about her medical history. It's a complicated one. She wouldn't want me to talk about that. But she had a way of rising above it, something I'm going to try and do better now with my own complicated medical stuff.

Sara I can't believe you've gone. I keep wanting to pick up the phone and speak to you. And you never came and sorted out my wireless internet problems ... who's going to do that now?

Love to her mum Denise, brothers Neil and Sean and her father Lynn. I'm looking forward to telling you about the Sara I knew.

And to everyone else ... go and listen to Sara on BlindKiss ... she was extremely proud and passionate about the shows we did together.

And please, everyone, look after the ones you love. Give them a call today. Let them know you love them.


Philip. said...

So sad and doesn't it show you how short and fragile life can be!

One has to grasp every minute and enjoy life to the full.

Although I didn't know her I will fully agree with her choice of music - some bloody excellent groups in the list!!

Jonathan Mosen said...

Hi Damon and all, just a note to say how truly sorry and shocked I am to read of Sara's sudden passing. Sadly I didn't know her well, but I loved her work on Blind Kiss and thought she had a great voice and a cheeky sense of humour.

Back in November 2005, Sara and I did a joint piece for Infotech magazine, with her championing the PAC Mate and me, still working for HumanWare back then, championing the BrailleNote. She was a great sport and defended her corner really well. I remember thinking how much fun it was going to be to go to Sight Village this year and to be on the same side.

It was exactly a year ago today that I lost a dear friend and colleague. I can only echo your sentiments. We never know how long we have, or how long those we love have. We never know when the chance to tell someone we love them will be taken away. So take the time to spread a little love around.

I can only conclude by passing on my condolences to Sara's family, friends and colleagues at Blazie UK. She was a treasure and will be missed. Take care of one another.


Katie said...

Damon! I am so sorry to hear about sara's death. She sounded a great person and I used to love hearing about her on Blindkiss with you.
I hope that you have some great memories and that those memories will heal the grief that you may have. I lost my mum back in 200 and it can hurt to lose a loved one but in time you will be able to talk and remember the good times you shared with sara.

My heart goes out to you damon at this sad time.

All my love and best wishes,

Katie Fraser xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Damon, I just found out about Sara and like others who have posted here, i am deeply saddened - I didn't know Sara but heard her voice here and there and read about some of her exploits - a truly remarkable person ... my condolences to her family and friends.
Pete H.

Paul said...

Hi Damon . I was very saddened to hear about Sarah. Like others who have commented before, I did not know her well but, I did hear you both on BlindKiss and have heard Sarah in the past on In Touch. I can only begin to imagine how everyone who knew her must be hurting. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who are directly affected by her loss. Take good care of you and do cherish the many good memories. Paul Hopkins

BloggingMone said...
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BloggingMone said...

I am also writing this on behalf of three of my friends, who used to be dedicated listeners to the Blindkiss Shows. We have been listening to almost all of them and enjoyed them tremedously. We did not know Sara in person, but we learned a lot about her. She was witty and intelligent and had a great way of questioning your statements! Our thoughts are with you and all those who will miss Sara dearly.

Charlesdawson said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Damon. It is extra hard when people of our own age or younger die; for whatever the reason, it seems totally wrong and unbelievable.

A little bit of us dies with them, but so long as you are still here you are keeping her alive in your heart, however painful.

Rest, Sara.

Brett said...

I am a Blind Kiss fan in the US. I found the site in 2004. I listened to every program. I check in every few months to look for a new show. I was sadend when I visited the site today and read the news about Sara. There has been many a night when the two of you helped me to feel comfort, knowing there are blind people with simular attitudes to mine. I thank Sara for shareing a part of her life with me on the net.

lynn morgan said...

many thanks to all the people who have left messages regarding my lovely daughter Sara. A piece of me left with her.


marmiteboy said...


I so soory to hear about your friends death. You write beautifully about her. It is a fine tribute.

Take care,

splash said...

Oh Damon, and Sara's mom!
I'm so sorry. I just checked these blogs after being away for a long while.
Damon, I loved the work you two put into blindkiss! It will always be my favorite.
I could so relate to Sara and the Chinese food delivery episode, after the very hard day, and the chocolate, and the wanting to be recognized as beyond something like nun status. (smiles)
I still miss someone I shared a similar closeness to, and it's been nearly six years.
The first few months, the missing is just so horribly painful, like getting kicked and pummelled from the sternum to the belly, and simultaneously it can feel like the person is still around you. I swear the movie, "Truly, Madly, Deeply," was so on the mark about that feeling for me.
I think you writing about it is great! I'm really glad to be able to go back and read some of the stuff I wrote about right after losing my own sweetheart.
I still feel him, still celebrate his birthday, in my own way, called his parents a couple weeks ago on his birthday, and talked to his dad. He sounds just like him. I'd forgotten. It swept over me more than I expected.
It's that wanting to have a full on two way conversation with him in the usual way sort of craving that is the hardest thing to deal with.
I'm glad you're leaving the blind kiss talk shows up, and that you found some other audio. It helps. It's good to celebrate her life!
I have always thought of her whenever I get really angry and ready to storm off, like she was talking about in one the blind kiss shows. It makes me chuckle and regain my composure to continue on with my verbal, "not having any more of it," stance.
Us having to miss her, as she might say, "It's just not fair!"

splash said...

Well I'm Circus Girl Swirl usually, but it has been awhile since I've attempted to update my own blog, and so when I signed in with my google account, which I just already had, somehow it changed my nickname to Splash, which is I guess what I put down when I first signed up for g mail back when it was nearly unusable.
I'm hoping I can figure this out and get the old blog stuff to work with this google change.

Judith said...

What can I say? I found out the sad news about Sara just two days ago and I have been working up to writing this entry ever since. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara a number of times during the 10yrs that I worked for her father Lynn, she truly was a remarkable young woman. My heart goes out to all of Sara's family & friends. I know that she will be greatly missed.

Judith x

Jennifer said...

I'm more than a little sad. I ran across your site in a totally unrelated search quite some time ago, and I was drawn in by the page I landed on--one of Sara's writings. Just loved her! So I bookmarked it....

Tonight I was just flipping through old bookmarks and alighted here again. Damon, to you and those in the "blindkiss" community, as well as other parts of Sara's life, Ijust want to say that I am very sorry for your loss. She seemed quite wonderful, even just to someone "wandering by..."

t1970 said...

To Sara

My timing was never good! I only heard about your passing tonight Sara!

Im quite honestly heart broken, you were a source of inspiration! so witty and intelligent! the pride of your fathers eye!!

I remember taking you to Loughborough uni a couple of times and to be quite honest i was never so scared of opening my mouth! the term "Welsh dragon" is not to be underestimated!! however, you could feel the tension and made a joke that had us both laughing!! I think it was at Neil's expense! but it broke the ice and I realised what a strong, funny, beautiful person you were and that the difficulties you had faced made the rest of us look so weak in comparison.

Sara... a light obviously went out when you left this world, for so many people!
but you have left a spark behind that flickers and ignites whenever you cross our minds.

All my love to you and those that were close to you..