Monday, April 02, 2007

Friday's podcast party

Did I really get back at 2:30am Saturday morning? My head the next day seemed to suggest so.

WE've been doing the Ouch Podcast for a year now. Friday night we went out for a bit of a party to celebrate. It started in Notting Hill and ended, very late, in Shepherds Bush. But what can I remember?

Present were: Roving Rob Crossan, Mat Fraser, Liz Carr, Emma, Lisa, Jo Church and me. We were hoping Steve P would turn up and the other Jo but sadly they couldn't join us. Liz's PA was around but I'm not sure we're allowed to talk about her?

Great night! Very funny. Can't really remember what we all talked about ... maybe we just grinned and dribbled. I remember: beer, Gin and Tonic, champagne, bit of food, exploring Liz's powerchair and REALLY trying to empathise with her plight, talking to Rob about his radio project and possible new job, watching Jo effortlessly and accidentally pulling, Jo coming into the men's toilets with me, singing and talking about music in the Shepherds Bush place we ended up in, asking the DJ to play some Happy Mondays (god knows why). OH and I have memories of Liz being turned away by the bouncers in the second place we ended up in? She might mention it on the podcast I guess ... we're recording it tonight and it should be up on the site Thursday.

I'm sure I'm gonna learn of any dreadful things I said Friday night when I get into the office today. Ick. Don't think I was too embarrassing though.


Katie said...

Ha! Ha! Sounds like it was a cool party! Great to hear you all had a good time, the pleasures of working of the Beeb eh? Wish I could have gone! Joke!

Have been away but have missed hearing excelllent podcast and Ouch!

But to remind myself of it, took my Ouch rucksack as a hand luggage bag!!!!! It was very useful!

Katie Fraser xx

Philip said...


loved the bit about grinning and dribbling!

Keep on blogging,

Ouch Networker