Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In, done, dusted.

Well, my Chapter One was handed in last Friday and at yesterday's class we discussed it.

Was really pleased with the outcome. Everyone had really positive comments about it and - after sharing what the rest of the story was going to be about - it got a larf. Have to say wasn't quite expecting that reaction ;)

(Katie A2 read no further if you've not read the chapter yet cos you're not allowed to hear my thoughts)

Currently I dislike the main character. I think he's duuuullllll. One dimensional. I also dislike the job I've given him. Stuff is missing. Oddly I quite like the female character I've invented though ... in as much as there's more meat on her bones, more of a character and a personality.

But ... I told this to the class and they urged me not to change it. So, dunno what to do here. My instinct is to change the main character.

But chapter one is chapter one. It's a little condensed at the moment and I'm sure I'll take bits from it and play some of them in the rest of the novel. The condensed nature was an anxiety for a couple of the students on class, wasting some ideas that could be developed more. I keep saying "if I ever write this". I've been told by several parties now that I have to.

I've got my timeline. check.

I've got my interweaving plot idea. check.

Some of the incidents en route to the main ending are a bit not there. not check.

God, can't believe this weblog entry is in the least bit fathomable or interesting to anyone bar me. Don't humour me.

On other news ... signed up the presenters on Ouch's forthcoming podcast. It's gonna be a blast! Can't wait. Katie F, sorry it's not Mik.

Off to Amsterdam on Thursday! Wahey yip yo.


Katie said...

Am glad all your writing group mates liked your chapter One.

Hope you have a great time in Amsterdam, A bit of rest and relaxation does you good once in a while. Wish I was going on a break, am fed up with packing as I am moving house.

Am excited about the podcast, sounds like it will be good, Am not worried Mik's not doing it, am sure that the other preseters willl do a good job. What's the competition about, could you email me with more details if that's ok? Would love to enter it.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Enjoy your trip! :)

BloggingMone said...

Good to read that chapter one is now done. Great step forward, I think!
Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam. It is a wonderful place. It is only a 2 1/2 hours drive away from the place I grew up and as soon as we had got a driving liscence in our hands we went off to Amsterdam as often as possible.
Looking foreward to the podcast!

circus girl swirl said...

Sounds like you will be having fun!
Excited about your chapter and follow up discussion.
I want you to write this thing because I can't wait to read it.
This motivates me to make a blog entry. Huge amounts of time have slipped by. I'll have to sleep first, and then I plan on writing about the recent flurry of surviving in the land of Bushdom. Shudder!

Dean said...

Hope your having a good trip. Oh and I hope this novel comes out in 10 huge Braille books and audio format on the same day as the standard release!