Friday, March 03, 2006

Chapter One, now in

I finished! Yay! It is now handed in, the whole group has got my work.

I have some issues with it. As Katie 2 on the last entry said, it'll be nothing like the final version. I had a time limit and by the time I had written 2,000 words I'd already substantially painted myself into a corner in terms of setting, motivation etc.

Course, not entirely sure I'll ever write this book. It was chapter one, yes, but more 'a chapter one' than 'the chapter one'.

With more time to think and research, I would probably have gone for something a little less like a fractured love story and possibly written something a little futuristic. Near future though, proper progressive today work, not very alien aliens.

Had a bit of a crap couple of days. Kind of want to lay in bed all weekend with duvet wrapped round me. Duvets protect you from everything don't ya know.

Oh ... I had about 1 minute to think up what the novel might be called ... in that time limit I called it 'She's watching him'.


jfsouthpaw said...


It's just starting to occur to me that it's a little wierd reading this, knowing that the chapter as you've written it might never be published, when it is, might bear no resemblance to this one.

Initially I wanted to know what you had written, but now I really don't. It's like when you read the handwritten version of a poem for the first time, with all the author's crossings out and editing, and you're not sure they ever inteded for others to see the way they arrived at the final piece; it feels wrong.

So it is stange to be reading how this novel progresses. It's a bit like watching a child learn to rollerblade.

Scary title, by the way. Intriguing.

Katie said...

Glad to know that Chapter One is finished and the class have it. It might have been hard but hopefully it would have been all worthwhile for you, I know I would!!! LOL!

Hope the weekend is going well for you, and that the comfort of your duvets is enjoyable too.

I always enjoy things like that, but I like having a lovely hot bath and doing a lo of thinking, then having a lovely cup of hot chocolate as comfort!

Katie said...

Congratulations. Now get on with the rest of it.

BloggingMone said...

Good to read. Hope we do not have to wait too long for the rest of it! Errm....duvets indeed are great!