Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ronnie Barker and TV stuff

Shame to hear about Ronnie's death. Is it sacreligious to say I didn't like The Two Ronnies, though?

Loved Porridge! Still works today as far as I'm concerned. Don't think the beeb or ITV would have the courage to create a sitcom based around one person like that for mid evenings any more.

Hey really looking forward to the new More4 channel from Channel 4 that starts next Monday evening. They have a Blunkett and Quinn drama set to broadcast on night one. I think They're also showing documentary-maker Morgan Spurlock's '30 days' (he was the Supersize Me man - loved that documentary, if you've not seen it yet and fancy you might need a bit of a diet, watch it, it'll put you off sugar at the very least)

Then ITV4 starts in November which could be quite good for an ITV channel ... male oriented, a bit of sci fi, first run American dramas and David Letterman amongst other things. Don't like ITV as a rule but maybe they're reaching out to me? Reaching out? Reaching ou----fade and echo.

Sky 3 starts in a few weeks too ... won't be that interesting. All three of these channels will be available on Freeview as well as satellite and cable though which is fabulous ... means I can watch it in my bedroom.


Katie said...

I was sorry to hear about his death too, Damon! He was a great man that was a great comedy genius who could play all his characters to perfection. I loved Porridge and the two Ronnies.

Those new channels for channel 4 and ITV sound great as does the Sky+ one even though I don't have a digital TV! My Dad does though, and tends to watch all the sport(mainly motor racing!), and Discovery channels. But he is a huge Stargate SG 1 fan so watches that while drinking Baileys!

BloggingMone said...

Male oriented TV!!! Now that was a good one...
Thanks for putting a big grin on my face! Just what I needed.

jfsouthpaw said...

Ronnie Barker was a rare gem. We loved him in our house, loved Open All Hours and Porridge.

I'll have to check my Sky box has got this new channel, I'll look forward to that. (Although I hardly wtch TV these days. Caught Eastenders and Holby last night and it was a strange mix of the same old stuff I got bored with and new characters I just couldn't relate to). When is this Quinn and Blunkett drama going to be on? Are you serious? When? When? Male orientated TV would be good, there might even be something both me and my partner can sit and watch together, which since getting a new TV and Sky+ last Christmas never happens.

Sorry Damon, I don't have my own blog, so I'm just leaving random comments on other people's where I feel I can join in. Hope you don't mind.

Julia! said...

Is there something wrong with me if right after I saw "Supersize Me," my first thought was to go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone?

Oh oh oh, the radio has an update on those bubonic plague-infected mice that escaped from the lab in New Jersey...oh, they haven't been found, "probably because no one is looking for them."

w1ld child said...

Sci fi on freeview great!

southpaw, feel free to post random comments on my blog any time, doesn't matter if you don't feel yu can join in, the more random the better.


Damon said...

blunkett and quinn drama on monday night at 9pm on more 4 ... channel 165 on sky, 13 on freeview.

Anonymous said...

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