Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another new thing

Dull as it is, this is me posting on my brand new laptop as mentioned in the previous post. Vista is up and working, jaws 9 beta is running, and I've just deleted the pesky Google Desktop apploication that somehow weedled its way onto my machine.

I'ts only taken about 5 hours of my time today. That's fine isn't it.

I'm having real sympathy with Mac cultists in the last few days. Is there a screenreader for Macs that is half way as good as JAWS?
I don't think there is.

Anyhoo. This vista thing is gonna take a bit of getting used to. And JAWS 9 isn't as nice and smooth as jaws 7 used to be.
Just Sky Plused Empire Strikes Back with audio description on ITV this afternoon. WHo'd have thought that button 3 on my TV would bring anything worth watching.

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Josh said...

Mac OS X comes with a built-in screen reader that is excellent. Is it as good as Jaws? All screen readers have their strengths and weaknesses. The Mac as an operating system and VoiceOver as a screen reader is a totally different way of doing things, and the learning curve is pretty steep. I've found that, due to the radically different way Apple has designed accessibility, more apps than not are accessible on the Mac, which is a far cry from Windows. I personally think that VO is better than Jaws in most respects. I use Windows for software development, but have moved everything else to the Mac side. Plus, you can run Windows virtually with your Windows screen reader inside Mac OS X, so you ahve the best of both worlds at your fingertips. If you're interested in Mac Accessibility, I'd appreciate you checking out either my site at or which is a podcast about blind Mac users. If you're interested in gathering more info, drop me a note from I highly recommend the "Memoirs of a Blind Switcher" and the "Ten Mac VI Myths" articles on, both of which are linked in the navigation bar.