Monday, May 08, 2006

word verification on blogger?

We've previously discussed how word verification on blogger is inaccessible. Yet in the last couple of weeks it seems that they've added a new feature where you can click and listen to the numbers/words in the graphic and - at last - be able to post to blogs and be part of the blogging community proper if you can't see so well.

So far I've not yet got it working. Has anyone else? I've only been playing with it today though so maybe it's been working before today and is having issues at the moment. Thus far I've tried Goldfish's and Fang's blogs. NO others.

Anyone? Is it just me?

[Update] I was able to hear the audio verification by right clicking on it, saving it to my desktop and then playing it. I don't know why it's not streaming for me. It is suggested in the documentation that quicktime works well for playing their wav but why not any other player? Seems a bit weird to me. Anyhow, a solution now exists for me even if it's a little time consuming ;)

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BloggingMone said...

I was curious to find out what that little icon showing a wheelchair is good for and switched the talking word/number verification on by accident. However, the streaming was OK, no problem and the numbers were accepted. But I was very surprised, because all numbers were announced in German. Hope that isn't a rule. On the other hand: didn't you mention that you wanted to learn German anyway?