Wednesday, December 07, 2005

1 more day

One more day til Munich. Currently it is 0C with light snow. Check out the latest Munich weather on the BBC's weather website.

Bloggingmone says that the Christmas market in Munich is better than even the famous Nuremburg market! Well hurrah! Went to the French Christmas market in Berlin last year (think that's what they called it, not quite sure where the French bit comes from, a nearby church maybe). That was very atmospheric. I've been to one in Cologne too and Vienna.

Light snow. Light snow. I can deal with light snow, I think. But maybe there's a perspective thing going on here? What is 'light' to the townsfolk of Munich where they get much more snow than us Londoners.

Meanwhile back in Britain ... Space Cadets starts on Channel 4 tonight which is surely worthy of a watch. David Cameron, new Tory leader (who has a son with CP IIRC), faces Blair at the despatch box in PMQs at midday. That'll be interesting being as he's only been an MP for 4 years and has only ever stood at the despatch on 4 previous occasions. Also Lost is on tonight ... got very intriguing last week: light behind hatch, etc.


Lady Bracknell said...

Lady Bracknell trusts that Mr Rose will have a most enjoyable trip, weather conditions permitting.

Not for a fraction of an iota of a moment should he worry about what her ladyship and the lovely Vaughan might get up to with Crippled Monkey's blog in his absence...

BloggingMone said...'re right: That christmas market in Berlin is named after the French Dome (französischer Dom) nearby.

BloggingMone said...

Damon, sorry, but I could not help laughing about the snow bit. I can see the point that snow can be an access problem if you're blind. But your worries about the snow seem to be much more fuelled by the fact of you being very, very British if it comes to snow, rather than being blind. ;-)
It somehow reminded me of a friend living in Manchester, who from November til March has a shovel in his car to dig himself out of the snow and a blanket to stay in the car overnight, in case the shovelling is all in vain. Remember: we're talking about Manchester, UK.

jfsouthpaw said...

Hope you have a really great time. Been offline with puter problems... just catching up.