Monday, February 28, 2005

Didn't you realise it's winter, Damon?

It's Monday morning. I'm running late. I've still not recovered fully from a migraine I had last week. I had hoped to be in work by 9 but it just didn't happen. I blame my electric shaver, it just took way too long to shave today. It's a boy thing.

I booked a cab for 9:05 and had hoped to be in work by 9:20. At 9:05 however, the cab company calls to say "I'm terribly sorry but we can't allocate a cab for you yet." Tossers. Ther'es a black hole here in NW2 that swallows up cabs.

Coupled with this I've had to settle on wearing a short sleeved shirt today. It's freezing cold out there but, sadly, it's my only option. I did lots of washing yesterday and it's all still wet, hanging there on my dryer.

The shirt I had hoked out to wear has caused me issues this morning. I started ironing it when suddenly the iron didn't seem to go too well across one part of it. It started getting slower and sticky, but just on one bit.

I'm not quite sure what has happened. It could be two things: 1) the iron has something sticky on the bottom of it or 2) the iron was too hot and has melted some kind of small label thing on the shirt. There's a kind of burnt bit on the front of the shirt now, it's not bad, it's on a seem, but does it look like a burnt bit? Or something sticky that somehow got onto the underside of the iron?

Minutiae minutiae. the upshot of this is that because I can't see the shirt I can't tell whether or not it looks OK and may be wearable. I've had to put the shirt aside for inspection when someone comes over.

I also cannot iron anything new because it's entirely possible there's something gooey on the iron. I can't currently feel the underside of it because it's too hot ...

So, it's back to the wardrobe. What is the least crinkly thing that doesn't smell as if it has been stored away for too long? It's a summer shirt.

My office are gonna think I'm nuts ... or that I don't know what winter clothes are ... or worse, that I don't know it's winter. People think strange things.

Still no cab and it's 9:21. Tossers.


Kristina said...

Hey Mr BBC3 news man, when am I going to see another entry in your bloggington then???

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